Blood Collection

Blood Gas

RAPIDLyte® arterial blood gas sampling syringes and Multicap™ capillaries are designed to help minimize pre-analytical error, help keep users safe, and help maximize workflow efficiency.
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Collecting Blood Using RAPIDLyte Job Aid

This job aid provides instructions on how to draw blood from the arterial line using the RAPIDLyte® Blood Collection method, including how to properly mix the sample before analysis.


Preanalytical Concerns for Blood Gas Testing Job Aid

This job aid discusses how to properly treat blood samples to generate accurate blood gas measurements. It includes the top 5 issues that can occur during blood collection and a summary of the errors that could result from delayed analysis.


Processing Blood Samples Job Aid

This job aid provides instructions on how to properly collect, handle and process blood samples, including the correct sample types for collection and the correct sampling devices and anticoagulants that should be used.


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